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International Day of Action on Big Biomass


Today is International Day of Action on Big Biomass and also coincides with the deadline for submissions to the Federal Government on whether biomass from native forests should be allowed to be classed as renewable and receive credits.


Burning biomass for energy has been shown to produce more emissions than coal per unit of energy produced. This fact alone should be enough to see this practice banned but when also factoring in the impacts on biodiversity this practice should be banned.


Members of several environmental groups gathered outside the Member for Eden Monaro, Kristy McBain’s office to deliver a letter calling on the government to disallow the burning of biomass as renewable.


“Releasing huge amounts of carbon now and hoping that this will be recaptured in 50 to 100 years and calling it carbon neutral and renewable is madness” said Scott Daines, spokesperson for South East Forest Rescue.


“The forests on the south coast are already suffering from 50 years of industrial scale woodchipping and to allow another industrial scale process to trash the forest would be the death knell for biodiversity” said Harriett Swift, spokesperson for Chipstop.


This region has successfully seen off proposals for a wood fired power station and a pellet plant in recent years, but the threat will not go away until we stop pretending that burning native forest for electricity is “renewable.”


For comment;


Scott Daines 0497129735


Harriett Swift 0414908997


Letter delivered for Ms McBain